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Pomegranate Juice

Pure Juice. Fruit Only.

Superfood Juice with exceptional sweet and natural flavor
No conservatives, no added sugar 


Who we are

We are producers, based in Limni - Evia in Greece with a passion for growing Pomegranate fruits and create pure Premium Pomegranate Products. In cooperation with the company Pomroyal and other local producers we offer Pomegranate Juice of excellent quality and Pomegranate Seed Oil. 

Our Pomegranate Trees

Our Pomegranate trees are 6-8 years old, grown in the North Evia Island and in the Thiva area.

Our carefully selected varieties with Global GAP certification are treated with traditional cultivation processes.

Harvesting and production of Juice starts from October to the end of November, when the fruit has reached its maturity level to deliver the best quality juice

Our Commitment to Quality

During production we follow traditional methods at all stages, even bottling is performed one by one by hand to achieve the best possible flavor and quality result.


All procedures and production processes are compliant with HACCP and ISO22000.

Elimnionrodi PC

34005, Limni - Evia


Τel.: +30 6955 713259