Pomegranate Orange

EviaJu Pomegranate - Orange juice is produced from frozen Pomegranate juice and Natural Orange Juice with an excellent refreshing taste.


The refreshing taste with extra vitamin C of EviaJu Pomegranate - Orange is an invitation to a new experience of enjoyment.

EviaJu offers a new dimension in enjoyment with the Pomegranate - Orange juice, an extremely cool and tasty blend that combines the sweet complexity of the pomegranate with the lively freshness of the orange. An ideal way to awaken your senses and rejuvenate with a drink full of natural energy.

EviaJu Pomegranate-Orange juice is made from frozen pomegranate juice, enriched with natural orange juice, creating a harmonious union of flavors. The exquisite coolness of orange combines with the deep flavor complexity of pomegranate, creating a juice that balances the sweet and fresh side of nature.

Excellent quality, produced with a low pasteurization process at 72 degrees to preserve all the antioxidant substances, polyphenols and extra vitamin C.

The traditional production process ensures that the natural authenticity of the materials is captured. With low pasteurization at 72 degrees, the juice remains intact from chemical treatments, preserving the antioxidants and polyphenols hidden inside the pomegranate. In addition, it is enriched with extra vitamin C, offering a real boost to the immune system.

The freshness and quality of EviaJu Pomegranate-Orange juice can also be seen in the packaging. Each 250 ml bottle is bottled by hand, in glass bottles, filled with the pure energy of nature. Preservatives, sweeteners and other additives are completely absent, as only pure, natural juice is bottled with care.

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