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Χυμός Ρόδι
xymos rodi, χυμός ρόδι, ρόδι, Pomegranate, cranberry, Ρόδι, Υγεία, pomegranate juice
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We are producers, based in Limni – Evia in Greece with a passion for growing Pomegranate fruits and produce Best Quality Pomegranate Juice.

A family & friends company started in 2015 with great experience in growing Pomegranate trees, committed to traditional methods of cultivation and juicing.

We cooperate with other local Pomegranate fruits farmers to produce Hand Made Premium Quality Pomegranate Juice pure, or mixed with Orange or Cranberry .

Our Trees

Our Pomegranate trees are grown in the North of Evia Island and treated with traditional cultivation processes.

Harvesting and production of Juice starts from October to the end of November, when the fruit has reached its maturity level to deliver the best quality juice

Our Quality

We follow traditional methods during Growing, Harvesting and Juicing at all stages. The juice is deep frozen immediately after production at -18 deg C to preserve its nutrients and polyphenoles.

The Juice is bottled by hand and pasteurized at 72 deg C to achieve the best possible flavor and maintain all substances.

Our Certifications

We only use recyclable materials for our products, Glass Bottles and Carton boxes for transportation.

All procedures and production processes are compliant with HACCP and ISO22000.

Where to find our products